Thursday, August 6, 2009

my dog is no more

my mom called me in the morning and i missed the call as i had left my phone some where. She called me back and said, our dog, Sheru died today. He was twelve years old. he died of a kidney stone problem. he did not eat anything for 2-3 days. And now he is no more. Some how i ll be missing him. Everytime I go back home, I normally used to see him coming waving his small tail. He was huge. he would just pounce upon and start licking or at least troubling.
He did not let anyone come to our house. he was like an identity to our house. We used to instruct people tht come to the house with the huge black dog. he was a part of our family. He truly supported my mom when she was alone at home. Not that i really love pets or some thing. But his loss is a loss to me .
now- a - days it really comes to my mind, is it that i am becoming more and more sensitive to an absence in life? Sheru is gonna be a deliberate absence, truly...Yes maybe i am becoming more and more sensitive.. Sometimes I feel how of sensitivity is too much.?
even now am i just trying to look at it objectively but i can not.. is this what is called as being sensitive or is it just a pure relation that we develop with every cell around and grieve over its absence?