Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Do you need help!

This is a very small story ! 

I have joined a cosy small design setup. One day, I was working and concentrating on my work completely. 
We are a mix of people of mix age groups. 

Suddenly a senior age group person came and asked me, do you want some help ? 

I was startled. 
Never have I been asked this before. I was stunned for a moment! 
We all are given a task we need to complete and we strive to complete it. Rarely have we also done this, to ask anyone n the office whether anyone needs help in what ever he/ she is doing. 

But this senior person (Pradeepji) - he is almost the age of my uncle, asked, maybe because of the generation that he came from. He did not understand the complex UX process that I was handling in the office. I told him so politely. To which he still did not budge and told me the pointers wherein he could help. He was even eager to learn so that he could help. 

That was a first in my complete professional career.  

We (our) generation have forgotten (or not taught ) how to help in office. Or maybe we are more than bogged down by what we have in the plate and rarely have the luxury of time in office. Then we have the ever pressing need of balancing work - life. What if it isn't balanced ? 

It came to my mind, is it possible, I can do this, - to ask if I can help to anyone ?