Tuesday, January 25, 2011

and the world goes round again.

my mom must have started the same way, going to school, cribbing about siblings, the same way as i did. studying, looking out if she could make it to the best, if not best at least ok, just the same way as i did, score average, but keep working till success came..then i don't know maybe growing up. looking for alliance, getting married..
life change..
having kids..first me..studying while she was pregnant for me..
me troubling her for no reason.. husband dominating for no reason, she getting frustrated, at times finding me to vent that out..i still troubling her. not knowing how much she cares for me. then the entry of my sister, i feeling jealous, that i don't get my part of mom anymore,trying all level best to do so, studying hard to get that rank so that she would hug me, appreciate me.and look at me with her smile and not a frown. little did i know that she almost always looked at me with care, appreciated me. she lived a dream that her girls would get the best in life and live happily ever..After she died as well.
the situation is the same today..same..i got my daughter when studying.. and i too think, pray to God that she gets the best in life and does not go through any of the hurdles and ordeals that i did...

Monday, January 10, 2011


i had to write this..
my friend shubhi is coming to pune.. it will make us me, shubhi, rohini a group again. again we will be able to share the things we did in college. although not in the same way. as we all will be working now.
but my heart did miss a beat when she told me this news. it is so human to feel good to have friends. that connection, we can share with, have fun with. being in my hometown always had rohini for me. but now that we are a group again will make things more fun more nice and happy..
we can again sing 'mera tujhse hai pehle ka naata koi'
it s a wonderful feeling. no rationalization to it. it has sprung directly from my subconscious on to the front. and i am loving it..