Sunday, September 13, 2009


I was traveling back home. The innocent little kid next to me would give a nice feeling about the way it was brought up to become so cute ever. He smiled at me as soon as he got up. This actually showed the innocence in him.

While the small little girl woke up with a cry which actually woke everyone in the cabin. The reason? The little girl along with her mother was sleeping on the floor of the train without anything to cover as well as nothing below. She slept on her mom’s saree. She would definitely be shivering with cold all night. She was a small kid of around 2 years same was the boy-child. This is something that I have observed twice now. The veiled women (from Rajasthan) I do not know about their caste and don’t want to specific in mentioning it. The whole family travels to whatever place and the women are literally seen as the assistants/ even worse servants of their husbands. The woman serve food almost the moment the men wake up or order something. They take good care of their kids.

The men do not book a berth for the women. The women sleep on the floor in between the two berths. It is really disheartening to see this. This time I at least saw the veiled woman getting a place to sit on the seat. Last time I encountered an incident which was even worse. The woman slept on the floor. And after getting up she actually sat facing the wall next to the window and sat still. Without a word to utter.

The man of the family eyed me very strangely since I was the only woman who seemed out of place there.I was not wearing a saree and had not veiled my face. I was travelling alone, bold enough to ask him to make place for my seat which was reserved. He was so very reluctant and talked very rudely. Being polite primarily I answered him with the same rudeness as he did. I had to. He should know.. He is not at all the supremo. He should have some respect for women.

It sometimes really comes to mind, I felt so bad about the incident. I felt the women should be equally placed. But did the women feel so. Did they even feel the need to heard? Did they even know that there was a world beyond the mundane things that they did. Or did they even know what they lived as. Reproductive machines to render their kids. That’s all? They must be feeling great achievements in whatever they were doing. I would not be the right person to comment. Because I do not know how it feels to be completely suppressed. As a woman, I have faced the brunt of suppression. But maybe education has empowered me the way to see ahead. But are these woman happy bearing the brunt? (I do not know).