Thursday, July 31, 2014

where there would be no end at all ?

I was watching friends - the part wherein Phoebes discovered that her mom kept all the bad endings of the films that she watched and she felt that all the movies were really happy movies. A thought came to my mind. Would it really be good if no one actually sees the end?
Is it not a truth that a person who dies would probably not feel that it is an end at all.
This incident that happened near Pune - at Malin. a whole complete village simply disappeared due to landslide and so many people are simply crushed uderneath. Wonder if the rescue operation which off course is working in 2000 % of optimism would lead to anyone alive at all. Wonder if the rollers / cranes that are moving over the surface are actually crushing people more.
Wonder what the people must have faced. It must have been a gush of end coming closer ?
whether good or bad will be the prerogative of the people alive. Of the people who live. Suffering, the end would only come if there is life to experience it. Would it be a possibility with the dead ?
The Malin incident actually makes me feel, two things actually. 1. it is un-predictive of life to take us anywhere anytime. One can really not make a statement that i have something/ someone forever.
2. And we are still fortunate to be alive to see the suffering. to feel it.
And sometimes it just comes to my mind - Time is either going to heal or create a septic wound, and break away eventually.
How can life be simply rosy. The complete picture must always be visible. And then these times will also move and life with it too. One or the other day, little little worlds will end.  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

smile please

I was driving back home and half way through I saw 3 people standing with placards - please smile / smile and returning a smile with it.
It was nice and pleasant. I did smile. I wonder if i would have done that had I been not in the mood to.
Off course the smile please placards did build up my mood. I smiled and the person in front of me did the same. That was really  nice.
It really feels nice.

Monday, March 31, 2014

the internal volcano..

Being with oneself during a crisis is an extremely difficult and challenging thing probably.
A little unrest and you feel the need of someone to be with you. and then you are left with the option of being with a friend that you trust the most. and there are times that this friend does not really understand the context of what is the situation. Could be because the situation is from another context, the friend belongs to another context another situation.
the friend can understand ur state, but not the context.
I think at such times, its best to be with yourself. just be with urself.. but then it becomes a trouble if you are not introvert enough to keep things with you. And then there is fuming inside.. the volcano wants to erupt. it does not. and then there must be something within that's gonna pacify this volcano..
this needs a lot of strength, a lots of comfort with self - being comfortable with the volcano. being there not suppressing the volcano but pacifying it almost with a chemical..
this inner self probably needs to be the strong solitude of that will deactivate the volcano..get rid of that situation.. and yes as right ly said by a friend it is not a problem a situation u need to deal with..
If one can diffuse this volcano within, the fuming can be avoided. its repercussions can be avoided.
it just comes to my mind, at such times, the diffusing can be so difficult. keeping working towards it is so much essential, especially if there are situation that bring in such volcanoes everyday.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

a mother's got lots to do..

I was driving back home with my daughter yesterday. She loves to talk to my friends through phone. I connected her to a friend of mine, who is just married. WE somehow could not get through due to range problems. i tried to explain this to my daughter, by telling her that its ok, she must be really busy. She must be having a lot to do.
As an instant reaction, she said, is she a mom too ?
That made me feel so good and satisfied over all that I do. It is so wonderful to see that my little one has grown up enough to understand that her mother has a lot to do and does a lot too :)

that feels good :)

Just reminds me of my mother who would do a lot too :)