Monday, May 28, 2012

5 years to go

this has been my observation for sure now!.. 
A friend (in fact a couple) was just successful in turning their relationship to marriage. I saw the guy closely trying to woo the girl. And he was successful in 5 years (almost). 
A professional graduation degree in India takes 5 years to complete. 
Sonia Gandhi took exactly 5 years to learn Hindi well enough, unlike the earlier hand waving that she used to do. 
I took 5 years of study (now again not literally) to break in an entrance exam for a college i wanted to be in. This is just an observation. 
I am not sure if it applies everywhere, but I think it applies some cases. Or rather - I would say, If I have a goal, I ought to achieve in 5 years provided that i am taking efforts to achieve it. 
It hence comes to my mind, lets take up another goal for another 5 years so that I see it succeeding after 5 years. Taken up a few though. Hope this works. :)