Monday, January 10, 2011


i had to write this..
my friend shubhi is coming to pune.. it will make us me, shubhi, rohini a group again. again we will be able to share the things we did in college. although not in the same way. as we all will be working now.
but my heart did miss a beat when she told me this news. it is so human to feel good to have friends. that connection, we can share with, have fun with. being in my hometown always had rohini for me. but now that we are a group again will make things more fun more nice and happy..
we can again sing 'mera tujhse hai pehle ka naata koi'
it s a wonderful feeling. no rationalization to it. it has sprung directly from my subconscious on to the front. and i am loving it..


  1. and aman is coming too.. so the masti group is back..and this a gooooodddd newssss...

  2. I am loving it tooooooooooo :)