Tuesday, September 21, 2010

reflection? thank you God!

it is so hard to believe. how can there be a living reflection of a human being. I had never given this a thought. today when I see my own daughter who is just like me (in looks) I don't know about the behavior as she is too young for it right now. just a few days old.

I see those little twinkling eyes and feel so very good. I forget all the pain,everything around. It is almost like I am seeing my own childhood with my own eyes. would it possible otherwise? It is a very satisfying experience. her little twinkling eyes are like two small black bulbs that shine with that new and fresh look.

She sleeps most of the time. but it is a so engaging to see her sleeping as well. This is truly like a miracle that God has given me and I thank God for it..Just ask God for more strength and patience for this new role...

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  1. Hey Sanmitra!
    Heartly congratulations!!!!
    I want to see baby's Photo!!
    Nice Blog btw!