Tuesday, December 29, 2015

to mingle or not to mingle

I had been to my daughter's gathering recently.
There were these little tiny tots dancing to the tunes of all the new 'kinda' item number songs.
with the new rules that are set in, all the the little ones were dancing to the tunes. My daughter's dance was on a the song shubharambh from Kai po che. Until the gathering, my daughter kept singing it as she heard it and confirming that yes this is the song, and these are the wordings. She was extremely confident in spite of being wrong. In fact she did not care to be right. She was happy!

During the actual gathering there were many little ones who danced in their own tune. They did not necessarily follow the sequence, the regime that the teacher must have given to them. They seemed absolutely happy in doing this. The parents were also happy, spotting their little one - aaah there is my little one!! she is the one, he is the one!! See how is he dancing. she is looking so cute!

It came to my mind, is it really necessary for these kids to fall in rut of being compliant to society's norms? Of following something, someone and fit into that person's criteria for perfection ?
Why cant one simply be happy in being!!

I am sure there is no one who is. everyone must have complied to someone for some reason. Finding perfection through rules set by someone else and not self!

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