Thursday, June 25, 2009

revisiting memories

here i am back to my writing after a long break.
I had been away from my campus and felt i ll go back to my own world of my home and office only. I truly felt relieved as it was a change from the routine i had here and was happy about it.

I was on a long long vacation and there was a surprise. During the vacation i got a chance to meet a friend almost after five long years. We had been out of touch for five long years. Not that we had fought or anything. But we had just become too busy in our lives. In spite of being in same state, we did not get the time to see or even talk to each other. we talked seldom. But then we happened to meet and kept meeting during the vacation. I believe, we are in touch or contact with a person till a decided
time. Then we tend to part and the memories fade off. not that this happens on purpose, it just happens.
Do we remember everything we did when we were kids? or all the people we were pally with? but we remember only a few things tht are relevant to us. Then do we dont remember irrelevant things? we do. Is there a specific way as to which things are remembered and which are not ?
I am just wondering. but it was really good to combine things that we both remembered and shared them. I just strong feeling tht the world is small and so is our life. We keep meeting the same people and places over and over again.


  1. hey sanny
    even I had a sililar experience these vaccations although not all that fruitful. Well this guy and me were pals in my class 3 and 4 in suratgarh in rajasthan. Like super good pals. these vaccations while once taklking to my mom i realised that he was employed inthe same company where i was working before joining NID. Although due to such long time we never recognised each other at all.However when i tried to enquire about hime back in the company about his where about the next morning I came to know tha he expire a month ago.I donno what to say or do. but all i wish that may he rest in peace.

  2. only one thing comes to ming.. how do we realise what is relevant and what is irrelevant to us...i guess thats where we decide what we are and what we are not...