Saturday, July 4, 2009

does money and comfort really go together?

we had this fabulous discussion with a reknowned designer 'Amit Paul' yesterday. He has designed various automobiles. One thing tht just striked me during his presentation, was he had modified some cars. In those he had given some very comfortable seating arrangement to the CEO's car. And there was a comment that this comfort is needed by the top positioned people etc.etc.
it came to my mind, do we really need a lot comfort when we start earning better? In fact do they as well? Is it a need? Does going to a higher post change our basic body structure? Why arent people from the urban, so called sophisticated society comfortable to sit on the ground? Go barefooted in the fields? Why cant just be humans and not be categorised as rich, poor, sophisticated, crude..whatever? Is it so difficult to talk to anyone in life. Why do the people from a specific class look down to another?
Aren't we the same species?
I completely believe in the concept of survival of the fittest. i believe there is a natural competitive behaviour to do good. But who keeps us away from people who arent doing good. Why is the comfort necessary? In fact, this comfort causes even more health problems. Do the people being comfortable actually acknowledge the comfort....And even if they do, how will it matter?

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  1. Hey, I'd suggest you to watch Ashok Saraf's movie - 'Ek unaad diwas' Its, to a certain extent, related to your topic. You might know it if u've watched it before.