Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Autumn and sonata

the movie. i just saw it. it was more about a struggle of individuals wanting to get each others love. a mother and her daughters. the mother being ambitious enough to neglect the household.(thats wht the daughter felt.) The mother kept feeling home sick. But by the time she tried spending in some time with the family, the family had drifted away.Not being timely in this case really made a cause of hatred towards her.
I was just wondering, was she really wrong? I do not deny the relationships that everyone shares.. everyone is someone's someone. there is some or the other relation.then what is it that needs to be done in such a situation. The society today really demands a lot from women. They should be very well at home, manage relationships, and manage the challenges outside home. In such a situation, i think a human being (here i want to mention that women are human beings as well) can really do specific things at a time. Not to mention the multi-tasking ability of women, but how much can they multi-task.
But then the daughter was also right. she wanted her share of her mothers time. She thinking tht way was quite natural, so was the thinking of the mother. I could really not come to a conclusion, as to wht is it tht is true life, or living life for ourselves (because we are not gonna get this life again)or for others (because we are not gonnna get the same people again)..


  1. if we look at 30 years ago in indian society.. the women chose to come out and they raised the expectations of the soceity cause they said they will perform equal with men on that domain.

    if you loook 500 years ago. the women were forced back into the households by the barbaric militant society india was forced into by constant attacks on all frontiers and women were pushed into the household and limited roles

    if you look back 2000 years, women had a role that was respected and worshipped and hence expectations were in sync with the role they performed and not beyond into the sphere of everything.

    if we look 5000 years ago , the role of men and women were not stereotyped and they chose what to do..

    knowledge and conscious often create a lot of hassles for all of us.

    did anyone ask men what about the expectations from them ?

  2. I think at some places slowly but surely situation is changing. I can see it at my own home....