Tuesday, June 22, 2010

alone/ solitude

I sometimes wonder do we really make a very big picture of being alone... or is it easy said than done for me right now?

i very much felt my dad will be left alone after my mom's death. but then he is fine. I felt will I be alone if I went far away for studies, but I am fine. In fact I found new friends.
I sometimes even feel will i miss being friends as in college. yes. Because then obviously you don't have so much time you had in college to spend together.
But then that will definitely not be the end of life. My friends, close relations will still exist, on phone, on FB, on Gtalk.. only that i will not be able to see them physically..

I was away from my country for a couple of months. and yes i was alone there. but I got a different experience of solitude. No phone. only connection to the outside world was a couple of hours of internet. other all hours immersed in work. That experience was very satisfactory.

I do think some days of solitude are good for self assessment and improvement of self as a person.. So instead of being afraid of being alone, its good to enjoy the solitude..(I know better said than done, but not impossible..) :)

After all we come on the earth alone. and go alone.meanwhile we gather people around us and create relations which help us live.

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