Monday, June 14, 2010

a new life...

yes there is a new life growing within me. I wonder how can i name the life. can the soul inside me decide its own name, its identity? I have nicknamed my to be baby as 'dudu'. I truly wonder how does the mind function in this case.
I have these nausea-tic feeling.i can and cannot eat a few things.I have suddenly got this urge of painting. Off course I am an artist, a commercial artist trying to get nito design management. never had i such an urge to get into paintings. had been to my principal yesterday. I truly cannot explain the feeling I had when i saw his sketches. I have never been so happy before on seeing the paintings.
My sixth sense has got stronger. there are some people i cannot bear. there are some things i have started liking immensely.
The joy when he/ she kicks in me is so immense. All the sadness goes away.Is this the joy of fulfilling the very reason we are on the earth? to perpetuate the species. humanities. I wonder what would be the liking of my child, how would he/ she behave? will all that i do now (maybe read books/ whatever) in these nine months really develop his/ her future psychologically?
I truly wonder if this is done and all controlled by this soul of my little one in my womb/ or what. I cannot understand this miracle of nature.

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