Thursday, May 6, 2010

what would we do if google did not exist

or even better the internet did not exist?

today we can find our friends in fourth standard almost within seconds, provided that we remember their names. Just find them on google with the complete name a little effort and there you are oh yes!!! i have found my friend and now i can connect. it is so wonderful. our brain has to use less memory for this. I must be having some 350 friends on facebook. this gives me an accoutn of how many people i can connect to. I have so much of wealth of friends. I get to know all whats happening in their lives without seeing them physically.
I want to know about something and post a search on google i find it on wiki or anything. I can be connected to knowledge all the time..
could i even imagine this 20 years back when i was a kid? no. I could not have thought of writing my words to the world like i am doing today.
I am just in debt to all those who make this system work for me as a small constituent of the world.
should i say thank you God for sending in Google?

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