Friday, February 26, 2010

human labour?

i am in gurgaon currently. the conveyance here are the cycle rickshaws. it is truly very disheartening to see these skinny people actually dragging the rickshaws. meaning they drag the weight of the rickshaws + themselves+ carriage + you. God!!..And I think it is exploitation of the human labor. today I actually saw the bruised legs of the rickshaw driver and felt so damn guilty for hiring him and got him a medicine for them. His legs were actually bleeding. He smirked on this act of mine. (did he want to say what is this medicine gonna help for?)I wowed not to hire the cycle rickshaw ever.

I shared these views with people here and they said how else would these earn their bread. Where are the Human rights people? How can I help? i don't know.

On second thoughts: I saw this person bleeding and my heart cried. But then what about the immense physical labor people put in building up a mansion/ house. I stay in such shelters.
Moreover, what about the immense mental labor that people put in so that my blog functions. These titbit's i write are read by everyone. There are so many problems faced by the software specialists, the people with loads of mental labor. Only that I cannot see it directly as I saw the person's feet bleeding today.

it then sometimes comes to my mind, how and who will define the limits of human rights in labour? why does physical labour only come in this arena. what about the immense pressure and deaths/ high blood pressure/ high tension caused due to unrealistic deadlines given to humans by the humans?

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  1. Sanmitra the only answer to this is GOD helps them who help themselves...that just means you need to decide your destiny nobody else can..