Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To lie or not to lie is the question..

Honesty is the best policy. you have to produce hundreds of lies to keep one.....
Yeah that's what we learn in the school. There are boards that are hung up on the walls of the room where in we lie to teacher when we don't do are homework. We lie when were talking and got caught. This phenomenon of getting caught then lying or is it about lying for not getting caught..
i don't say i've never lied in my life. I have as a kid.. It was then that my mom always (sometimes, in fact many times i was thrashed up) tried to tell me not to lie..
This constant telling in by everyone around and so much of lying in the childhood, I think has made me a better adult. Today i strictly hate lies and can tell if the person in front of me is lying or not.
And to my surprise I find the people that lie, get away with the situation.They then fake smiles/ laughter(that surprises me a lot.. as nothing hilarious is actually going on).People try to use their charm...Their job at that moment is done.I do not know what long term disadvantages they face..If I have to lie, I definitely feel bad. Do they? or is it just normal for them? I do not know.

But I feel i am at peace of my own mind by speaking the truth. yeah maybe this is the answer. I should be truthful for the peace of my own mind. It is not about getting caught/ not. It is more about what remains in the mind, debris or bloom.

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