Monday, December 28, 2009

Human communication

These days i see this creation of human visual communication happening on a very human level..
This is intriguing right?.. I am in Shanghai and do not understand Chinese at all..the very first day, i was afraid about how would i communicate.. but then when i went in and met people, i felt there were means of communication even more strong than normal language..i had known about it for a long time..but experience makes one more equipped to face life..
I came home walking alone asking people for directions how i would do in India. Just using gestures with hands and eyes. But i don’t know how people understood me and I understood them. I got the very right direction and i reached home.
Even better was when i actually was talking to the baby sitting next to me in the train. We both had a long conversation. We both went on with gestures and touch... the baby understood better. The baby’s mind was not conditioned with thoughts and language sounds.. there is this anonymous communication within humans and humans with other living beings.
Sometimes, it comes to my mind what would happen if this conditioning was done or maybe done in the right way? (again who will say what is right).. would there had been a different world . I don’t know why but I am liking this anonymity within the known realms of the world.

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