Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flies on our(?) food

there goes a fly..
runs around the food.
gets in his own food
and disturbs ours..
we think the fly made our food bad.. because we think the fly is bad.
because it sits on anything and come..
what if the flies form a colony of only being staying clean and living around in the house .. what if they informed us that they are gonna be clean?
Will we allow them to stay?

It just came to mind.. we decide everything on the trust that a person builds, or in this case the fly would build.. but then will our minds which are so conditioned accept the fact there is a clean soceity of flies which can survive on very little chunks of food in our house..they survive and we do??
Whose is the food by the way? ours? who makes the food? the basic grain?
nature .. then is it the fundamental right of the fly to eat even witout asking us?

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