Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rohini and Ketki

ketki came to support me whenever i was in trouble irrespective of her appointments. there was a time when she even shared a room with me just to support me. she has been a friend from 6 years now. she was with me on the day my mom died. it gave me so much of a morale boosting.
rohini is a new friend. but i can see the amount of care she imparts. i am feeling so supported and good because of her. she keeps laughing and smiling. she wants make me smile and make me more comfortable in life.
what is it that make them help me? i think its the purity of their heart. they endorse the importance of having friends. they are so very important.
what is it that makes friends. there are times when you simply click with a person and stay together. you simply feel so much trust in that person.
sometimes it just comes to mind, where does this divinty of friendship come from. from wherever but it truly beautiful. people comfort each other and express love. what on the earth is true love? i think this is what it it. being for another person so selflessly.
thanks a ton rohini and thanks a tonn ketki.(i know they will not even like me saying thanks)but i definitely i owe them so much.thanks to God too for giving me such good friends on this earth.

1 comment:

  1. manda! kay he?
    what is it that make them help me????
    Because we are BEST FRIENDS!!!!
    And yes you are absolutely right I don’t like you saying Thanks!