Wednesday, March 30, 2011

innocence-have i lost mine?

i happened to meet a lady while travelling. this lady was a "pure" home maker. her world was me, my husband, my kids. My happiness is lies in the happiness of my kids, so on and so forth. so much like the ekta kapoor serial. Yes there are people who truly exist. This lady was not even exposed to various things in life. For her a mall was the only place of difference. For her it was fun and enjoyment. Little was she worried about the Japan incident or maybe even the India Pakistan match. She was merrily happy in her own world. So much of innocence. The word independence was not even there in her dictionary. or it just meant something different.

I met her. I felt jealous. For her happiness. I am exposed to a lot things makes me more fortunate though. But does not make me stress free like her. this is what i felt as the primary feeling. but then on a second thought. off course she is a human. she must be having her own set of problems adn stresses. But whatever, for a second I felt it must be an easy life. My granny also was similar. She never stepped out of the house (for any responsibility, off course she went out for meeting friends and similar things). She completely managed the house.

But then is that what i want to do? no. I love the challenges i have in life. And I truly cannot imagine a life without its challenges. I would actually want them grow, so that i go beating through them like walking in a forest of thorns, but still coming out unbruised. Hurt yes cannot be avoided, but there is a definite fun in having loads of problems and challenges around.

sometimes it comes to my mind, is the way i am going is the right way or hers and my granny's.. as a woman?

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