Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my long hair

I have got long long hair now..and I am loving it.. I always wanted to have them. I used to always tell my mom, see mom, my hair has grown longer now.And she used to reply it is not long enough.But guess what i cant flaunt them now. although i have long hair, i cannot flaunt them as i need to bun them otherwise they keep flowing here in there in my work which is definitely not desirable.
but the point of discussion is not this. this just came to mind, that this is a cycle, you wish for something, somethings you get very soon. For some you need to wait and when you get them then you don't really need them. there would be a time when you yearned for something so badly, you were wanting to do anything to get it. but then at times when you get it, then you dont really need it.
many of us must have experienced this. i will buy this when i earn, i will buy that when i earn. but what happens when you finally earn? you don't need to buy that thing. you have surpassed that era of wanting that thing.Another good example is a guy wooing a girl does anything for her in the courtship period, but after they get married, the same girl becomes a headache to him.
It sometimes comes to my mind, that why is it so, this is again I think this is an engagement, Nature wants us to yearn for something, so that we act, we remain active, and when we finally get it, we overlook it and find something more to yearn for..thats life my dear!

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