Monday, June 13, 2011

coming back to life..

just got some free time, so I called up my long lost friends. courtesy FB off course. I got the phone numbers from it.
it just came to my mind, that FB shows me that these friends do what, go where, tell me about their minds, everything.. still the satisfaction that i got after I called them was immense.It was too cool..felt good. even listening to what they said made me understand their world...I was just a listener...
as a chain of events, this uplifted my mood like anything. It would obviously.. i am so much a peoples person and it is almost 9- 10 months that i don't interact a lot with the outer world. it is just me and my baby (which is equally satisfying but the feel is different)I sat that night and did 3 paintings,actually 1 full two half :) acrylics on canvas, and suddenly that smell of the acrylic paint made me feel many little things give so much pleasure to life. there is no need of anything ''high-fundu'' for that..
doing something just for the whim of it gives super duper pleasure which nothing else can.. specially not an assignment..
so natural for a human mind to feel good when free rather than strangled in the day to day deadlines..

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