Thursday, June 23, 2011

kolkata - perception of beauty..

i always wanted to be here as a kid. the idea of Rabindranath Tagore's shantiniketan was a beautiful idea to me as a fourth standard kid. of having a free school.. I did go to a free school for PG that is NID , National Institute of Design, but the feeling I had as a kid was really different, cool..
Also the Parineeta. Chokher Bali, the beauty of those movies. I always found the Bengali girls beautiful. I always felt that Kolkata is the most romantic city in India..I also had a beautiful roommate Ananya..I always felt there is something behind those huge kajole laden eyes of the Bengali beauties..
I came here and hardly found any beauties, Nor did the city look beautiful in the todays standards of beauties.. I did see a couple of beautiful girls though.. I think it was more of this pre- positive - thinking that makes me feel that Kolkata is still beautiful..
I loved it. I liked the British Architecture buildings everywhere.. the high roofed places which give a soothing feeling.. in the scatteredness of this city, i still think it is beautiful it is well spaced. It is nice..
Sometimes it comes to my mind. so many years of thinking that Kolkata must be beautiful, makes it look more than life beautiful to me..would it not be great if I could think of everything in my life like that? that would make everything so positive in life..

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