Wednesday, September 7, 2011

how close is close?

the experience was so different. generally she keeps wiggling in my arms wants to set free, scream , cry, laugh..but today i felt that she was actually trying to feel my warmth..this is such a different feeling. i had placed my hand on her tummy. the hand off course almost covered her torso. She laid quiet..holding my hand and rubbing her sweet little finger on them.
i don't know. was she trying to feel the touch she had recognized from her birth now. was it a different feeling to her mind? i wish she could speak and i could ask her..but she kept smiling.. she was so happy that i could give her time, be by her side..
this relation of a mother daughter is so self contenting.. was it for the first time or did i not notice this before due to being busy? this relationship with her- i hope it flourishes more, i and saee share a relation above every else in the world..
i feel she is gonna be everything for me.. i hope she feels the same..this closeness is so much ahead of any other closeness..

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