Sunday, September 18, 2011


yes it is two years you are not to be precise.. Yes I miss you a lot.But no! i still don't dare to hang a photo of yours on my wall and hang a mala over it.. no i don't want to reminded everyday that you are not with me, mom. i am still afraid, I cannot accept this that you could be present in the photo..when in actual i still cannot forget the face on the stature, with eyes closed and the skin turned blue.. I think this is more than enough for me to know that you are not there. i don't need a photo..although a lot of photoes of my mom-in-law in the house do remind me of me not putting up your photo on my wall..
i still feel like calling you or telling you about all the exciting things that happened in the day, like i used to do after school.. i still feel like sharing in jokes by actually bragging you aai, please can i tell you a joke? whenever i visit any new place or city i feel like calling you up and giving way to my anxiety, sharing all that i can.
it is just some time ago that my sister told me that i cannot be omnipresent for my daughter and i should stop trying to be with her all the time for her own good.i completely agree to it..
but sometimes it really comes to my mind, aai you are not there physically but i am sure you are there (omnipresent)for me by not being present physically..

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