Friday, November 4, 2011


i left my little one at the creche today for an hour! 5 nov 2011.. so many mixed feelings. will she able to adjust, will she accept the people there. Will she cry? Will she miss me and will not adjust ? and on the other hand- will she forget me? become distant to me?
But when I gave her in the hands of the creche lady. i suddenly realized that my 14 month old had suddenly grown up. Her world had extended far beyond me. She instantly mixed up with the other little kids around..And here I was tears in my eyes while filling in the creche address book. No, I cannot explain the anxiety that had. I went back home and come much before time to pick her again.
I realized that she was learning to live the human life which is a social life. She was trying to experience, observe who and how are people behaving around her. They were different than whom she met.She is selective on whom to talk to and whom not to.
I just wonder if there is intuition happening at this age too? Do they understand intuitively whom they should talk to and whom not to? And do we as adults, loose this power. In fact do we possess it as kids?
it comes to my mind, could there be a worlds, where we talk to everyone. there would be no bad people, just good around..I know this is an impossible thinking. but 'sochne mein kya jaata hai'?

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