Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is your caste?

I never found this question untill i got married to a guy who was not of my caste. Until, his family members did not trouble me over and over again making me remind of my caste and that i dont belong to them. I felt this got over on the marriage base.
My parents always taught me/ rather told me that I belonged to the caste of humanity.As a little kid, i believed this. I was never introduced to this caste system. Because they almost never allowed me to be in the 'caste consious' company.
But it is just recently that a new friend asked caste (i m sure not intentively, but casually)
it just came to my mind, why are these caste systems made, maybe to differentiate, the kind of customs or work in a group of people. the new caste system could hold in castes like, doctors, engineers, artists, etc. I seriously feel they cannot be used as the discretion towards ones ability or knowledge or status either..
But I guess it is a part of life, that we as Indians live with. Like it or not, we live with this, whether open or reserved. Why cant we choose to be of no caste whatsoever?

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