Monday, January 9, 2012


today was the first day that my little one is gonna spend with her dad. I called up and my husband was really tired looking after her. He has a deadline too. I understand that. I have been through same situations when working from home and hence worked complete nights some time. But today i can understand and be empathetic with him. I can understand what is his state of mind.There are two ways - oh I need to take care of my kid,and OH i have so much work to complete. It almost took a year and half to understand how to handle this. Hence I can understand, that my husband must be really stressed now.
It sometimes comes to my mind, that in case of role reversals, on our minds, we tend to see, whether the other person can perform well in that role too. But here in deep down in my mind, I can empathize with him (my husband) since, I have been doing that. Somewhere the basic inability of guys to not to multitask is shown here. In the same way, I could not build up courage and became weak after child birth. I completely agree that it is a waste of a woman to be a man and the vice-versa is equally true. But today's environment leaves people with no choice. Since both the Husband and wife are working to earn their living, this is so much of an unavoidable situation.All this is so complex. And that is because we make it so much complex. The role reversal is so much complex.
Deep down my heart I am worried, that my husband should not be stressed and feel free to work or do whatever. The same that I feel.I think the reason for this is that love and care that we have for each other.But I guess, the current priority is the child.'we' are a unit and need to understand each other to remain so..

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