Thursday, January 5, 2012

the first talk

I spoke to my little angel for the first time today. Not that i never spoke before but i think she understood what i said today for the first time. She is not well since 4 days. But today she was able to sit as she is recovering. I told her- I promised her - I will be by her side, will not leave her alone. i will try my best to do everything possible for her so that she would not face the problems i did. so that she will live a more beautiful and better life. I told her grow biigggg!! be a successful person with a few hand gestures. And she signaled as though she understood everything..i felt so nice.. this was the first conversation we had..
it just comes to my mind, will she understand, did she understand? will she.... - nah I don't want to expect. This is gonna be a give-only-love relationship.And I love the way it is..I simply love the twinkle in her eyes, ever seen she is born- those two little shining black lights.. :)

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