Wednesday, December 28, 2011

every-day is good

Oh the good old days- yes this is what we all feel. We all feel there was a time when i used to happy.. but if we really remember, during that happy time - did we think that there will be a day that we will be happier. that we will have that happiest day in life. NO I don't think there is any Happiest day.. because all days are happy. just that we realize it a little too later.
In school, i always felt- Oh! when I will start earning I will be happiest, then I will be able to buy all that I want. And now when that is really the case, I think so what if I can buy everything i need? I still want that birthday gift I used to get in school. That free life.
Responsibility. That is the word - and bang! you come back to reality. You come out of that looking into the beautiful old days.. Yes maybe today we are more responsible than yesterday. and tomorrow will be more. and more.
So it just came to my mind- this actually means that today this moment - I can share with my colleagues, my daughter, my kin, my friends is happy. live it fullest. and yes it will never come back.. never. .but it is there to stay now!! feels good.

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