Friday, December 2, 2011

art by

I guess I was in sixth or eighth grade, I am not sure. There was an exhibition in my school. We had to carry some artworks. I and my mom and her artist friend, padma aunty had made this huge A-1 size peacock with peacock feathers and pistachio covers on the huge thermocol sheet..And I had put (in huge letters) Art BY- Sanmitra
I remeber, mom and me used to also go shopping, we ought to get the very unusual thing in the store or rather the street. She actually taught me to think beyond the ordinary as a kid. Then that became a habit.I kept saying that i want to do something different in my life.
I did not know the jargon of innovation or inventive that time.I even used to say I want be the greatest 'drawer'- the person who draws-artist-on the earth.And mom used to always reply by- study for now, you can keep drawing all your life. And that is exactly what I am doing currently.
I am convocating in a couple of days from the National Institute of Design.That was more like dream that mom had seen for me. She was always proud of my achievements. Be it coming first in the class or getting a good job or achieving something so specifically..I always looked forward to my result days, my birthdays, because those were the times, when mom was very sweet with me. so little moments..
How I wish she was here to see her 'ART BY' daughter convocating from the leading design institute of India. How i wish, i got that hug/ that appreciation/ that smile which only she could give. I really can't express this in words.
Sometimes it comes to my mind, that we can keep ourselves from sharing grief. But we need to share happiness, with the right people at right time.somehow this happiness seems so incomplete or at times nullified without her around.

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