Monday, December 12, 2011

THREE ZERO - thirty

Awwww..... I still cant get hold of it.. I suddenly have to be a grown up. I still look back to my childhood for problem solution activities. I have still so much to do which I haven't done.
I had decided a few things to do after i start earning. It is a very funny list. I am sure everyone has one..
1.I wanted to buy my own Barbie, her doll house, her new dresses. hehe.
2.I wanted to go to a place full of nature, all alone, and stand there in open air like they do in Titanic.
3.I wanted to wear all fashionable things, which I could not as a kid.(which i have never tried and i don't think now i will or can)
4.I wanted to own all the story books in the world.
5.I wanted to drive on my own, a plane, fly in sky.
6.Draw anyone live to utter perfection. (life drawing)
7.learn one language per year (so that i will know the amount of languages per year of life)
8.i wanted to start a women's - all girls movement to be self - sufficient
9.I wanted a make-up kit, with all color lipstick (leave alone the fact that i don't use lipstick now.)
all kinds of mad things..
I agree, adults are kids with money. I still look forward to fulfill these childhood dreams, just that i have a child now too. Hence we will be two kid together, One child - one year old, and another thirty year old - tomorrow..
sometimes it just comes to my mind, that irrespective however old we get, we do keep looking back into our childhood to wish for dreams and to fulfill them ..

I am happy i will be living again..

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