Monday, April 2, 2012

the kiddish friendship. :)

yes i think it is important i write this.
There are times when friend-ships are hurt. I have this great friend,. Who I felt understood me very well without saying anything, so did i understood her too. So what if we did not know the knitty gritty details of what happened in each others lives, We were truly in love before (she is a girl friend) .... And then everything went wrong. OH but i need to mention that the whole misunderstanding started because of un-friending activities, which none of us did, on the Facebook.. It just happened and none of us knew how.
She spoke something and and I took it wrongly, and I did something and she took it wrongly. And all that lead to a huge mess.
Oh God, that's bad. We talk about friendships being made, nurtured and kept all way. And I agree she was such a friend, A special for me. Then why on earth did all the misunderstanding happen.
But we sat, spoke to each other telling each other to believe, trust in one another. and got up with no outcome. We were leaving when I suddenly realized, Oh my God, what is happening. we were so dear friends. I remembered and reminded her of the same and Thank God, we hugged and made it up.. We went back to the place we were fighting in and spoke well to each other. Thank you God for giving in the forgive button easily to friends. I am happy that things got solved.
Through all this, it just came to mind, had we been kids, we this would have ended earlier. But since we grew up, one thing led to another and the whole mess stood up.. And to add to the paradox, we then appeared kiddish to the world. When in reality, had we been kids, we would have made up much earlier..

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