Thursday, April 12, 2012

the women-ly feeling.

its high time I am on the other side of the grass and I feel the other- other side is more beautiful. I was just thinking.. Born as a girl (thank God in an educated family to an educated couple(who did not have a problem with having a girl child- as these days people use their education to kill female foetus)) that I survived. Came in, saw the world. As far as I can remember, Mom always reminded me that I am a girl, not in the wrong sense though. That she did not remind me that I belonged to someone else and one day I will get married and only look after the kids and dishes. But instead she reminded me of being a girl to be safe from all the impurities in the world. She taught me how to protect myself (No, I did not join Karate, my younger sister did :) ) I remember she saying a lot of times, that men want to have wives like Shridevi (a star actress then) that she should be beautiful, as well as performing.
Then I was the daughter - not allowed to do so many things in life. I always felt I should have been a boy, so much of freedom to them. Gosh! I had to obey a lot of things, I was more of the girl- girl types. My sister was the tomboy and smarter to face the world. I felt i will be able to behave like I wished to when i will grow up, earn on my own, have my own loving husband.
Aah! then I became the wife - no stopping still - Had a lot more to do - Work, study, look after - oh oh my.. No i could not do things I wished too, In fact i had even more responsibilities. To study - to earn- to manage home- what not.
And now Mom! this is a role I love to play, because of the innocent - no conditions love that i get from my daughter.. A lot more responsibilities.  
But the point is in this how many times have I lived my dream? What comes to my mind is-I guess I am not alone. there are so many Woman achievers I need to learn from. They also must be having all these sets of responsibilities. If not the same, but similar. I think I need to Push myself harder to do what I wish to do in this lifetime, because there would not be another time where I can be. 

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