Tuesday, July 31, 2012


so, what are your hobbies? this question is so much easier as kids. And so much difficult after having kids.
Out of curiosity, I asked a  new colleague, what are your hobbies. He was quick in answering them. I did not anticipate that this question  will strike me back. I was asked, " what are your hobbies".
And I instantly said, painting. (is this a hobby for me as yet?) I look forward to make a great painter out of me when I die, so that my daughter has a few things to be proud of her mom. then was cooking (oh this has turned into another hobby after she is born) I want her to taste every taste while she is growing. I want to hand cook it for her, because I love her so much!. and then I remembered, oh reading was one of the best things, i would do. And it would 2 whole years, that i have finished a book. It took me memory to remember that I had a hobby.
A hobby according to me is something that u ought to do in free time (which i don't find since I got married), something that will make u feel great (which I think is passion - painting). how i miss those days, when i used to finish a book in a day. now, I am sure its not my speed of reading but the amount of other things in my mind that reduce my speed.
sometimes it just comes to mind, that it is high time i accept things have changed, so should me hobbies since my priorities have changed. 

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