Thursday, August 9, 2012

and then that's what friends are for?

I was thinking of our society being a place where we stay together. We are born and we have our parents around us. I think they understand us on intuition. An intuition which also speaks of their own experience. I used to love books as a kid. I love them today also. My daughter who is just 2 loves books too. Here I use my intuition that since she is my genes, she would behave like me. And then the whole world says, your parents understand you very well. In fact here is the place when you get used to being with someone. being in a company.
In fact everyone who stays with you for more than some amount of time, starts knowing you. slowly. slowly. This slow is a little more slow in case the people are introverts. for people who don't talk, everyone thinks and decides differently for that person. Everyone uses his/ her prejudices (there is no person without prejudices ever), past experiences to try to make out what the person is. And then there are lot of times when they are wrong. and then keep building in their own thoughts over thoughts and eventually they make a perfect picture (in their minds) about u.Then it is really difficult to erase that picture. The picture when erased causes burns/ or inappropriate marks which breaks or makes relationships.
After parents, you have friends who understand you, you feel they understand you. There are friends who are friends only because they need you. But then don’t you also need them sometimes? Aren't there times when you feel there should be someone who simply understands u like your mom did? And then there are times when you feel the need of company, good company, where you can be yourself. Like your mom’s company. Yes she would scold you, beat you, she might not be the best mom. But you can mostly be yourself with her. Then there are friends too with whom you can be yourself.
But then what happens when you tend to go a little overboard due to whatever reasons, hormones, habits, tension whatever. Then do you expect someone to understand you, make you sit quietly, tell you take few breaths and be calm? You do, expect.
then it sometimes comes in my mind, that at times It’s just that you only need company with no taglines like love, friendship, relationship, acquaintance attached. This company then leads to relationships further.
Its just that one relationship ends, one company ends, then u tend to seek new company which leads to new relations, new friendship, love, whatever the consequence, this must be an ever going cycle.

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