Monday, December 17, 2012

redefining friendship yet again/ time heals and disappears

After meeting so many friends in my way to this birthday, I met my friend Preeti, long lost - that is exactly some 15-16 years back when we were in 9 th standard of school.
we lived next doors and were together since 6 th standard, (approx) we shared every single thing that came to mind. the teenage friends we were... so many secrets.. oh my god.. Comparatively, we live a very open life now.
We shared lives, spaces..We went for a walk with my sister's pet dog then. Went to cycling, played together for long. But went to different schools. and then one fine day separated due to a little squabble more so a misunderstanding put in by her school friend.
We linked on Facebook last year, and suddenly felt like catching up. She asked me for a suitable date for the meeting and I roped in my own birthday. I felt that would make my day special and it did. She made my day. (she wasn't aware of the birthday, which was good in a way).
I was little hesitant, of how would she react/ behave/ i don't know/ the fear of unknown..
We met and chatted for longgg.. we almost picked up from where we had left. It was like the 15-16 years had melted away. Time had healed and disappeared too. I felt so good. I m sure she did too. It was a mutual feeling. There were no apprehensions around. I did not feel the slightest urge to think what I was talking. the conversation had a natural flow. the reactions were true, there were reactions not responses.
This incident made something come to my mind.. if time heals, will time heal what is going on in my life now by being away? is it possible that time would heal while am here too? i don't know..
but She suddenly made me believe in love and friendship again...
sometimes it come to my mind, there must be a list of people I will be meeting.preset. preset on how much time will they be with me. It's just that some people make us feel comfortable with them than the others. Some people are thrust upon involuntarily and some are lovingly attached.
The feeling I had when I met Preeti cannot be explained (in spite of trying to explain through this blog) but the relation we shared as kids is much different than with any of friends as a child. And now as grown ups, I would love to be the same we did as kids. Yes we would be presses in for time, due to responsibilities, but I think that's ok. Time can be sorted out. :) 

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