Friday, February 22, 2013

the traffic jam a wonderful comparison to life

these days i drive(ride) to my office. it take around an hour of a ride. it is exhausting but full of surprises and wonderful thoughts, analysis and much more. All going on in my mind.
I was going to office yesterday, and I was caught by huge traffic. Traffic actually gets us thinking, should i be following the path that everyone else is doing? or should i take the sideways since i have a two wheeler? isn't life same too, should I be going the path that's taken, so that i reach a known destination, or should i take the riskier path where in I never know what lies ahead. 
And then there is always a little path wherein you can get in the mainstream again. and get into the same traffic trying to wade in to the traffic. 
and then there are times when u cannot see things ahead. does this seem familiar - a little too much familiar. so many times in life, when we don't know what's gonna be the ultimate destination. and so many times, we feel we are so much away from the destination while there is a just a little truck of a big vehicle in between us reaching there. 
there is one more peculiar thing that comes to my mind. if I go within the little space left in the rows of the 4 wheeler vehicles  that could also help me speed up to reach, instead of the shortcut that everyone take by going to the sides. very few people take up this path. It works most of the times. But sometimes, there comes a dead end when there is no space left. Isn't life the same, we sometimes pick up a few things intuitively which work and they might not work for some 10 percent times. 

All this really made me think. Is it not wonderful to simply enjoy the ride, like a friend of mine, gati does or enjoy the speed like i do. I think enjoying the moment is what is important, because what is going to happen is going to happen, come what may. 
It just comes to my mind, that then at times, we should also enjoy the hurdles in life, just like this traffic. enjoy, ride on and on and some day there will be a destination or maybe not. and that should be ok. the ride was wonderful - is waht i would love to say at the end of my life :) 

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