Friday, June 7, 2013


The other day I was dropping my little one to the creche, she got in, flew a kissie to me and then went in side and started playing.
there was a little boy, a lot more older to her, who was crying maybe because it was his one of the primary days to the creche. He was crying as my little one used in her earlier days. but the fact that he was much more older made it feel worse.
I was wondering, if what was it that made them cry. the fact that they are away from their loved ones for the whole day, yes. I felt bad when I left my mom, I dont remeber since i was just 5 months then. But post that i never cried, I was ok with the fact that i was attending the school willing. And that mom was not with me. But I remember, I had a friend in the upper kindergarten who use to cry everyday :) in fact everyday :)

This creche thing just reminded me of me not crying when my loved ones seperated from me. I never felt like, because i was used to them not being around. Yes I did cry when my Mom passed away, I am not sure if this is an ideal condition, and whether this should be the case. I do not know. that did not mean that there was no love, but then there was no taking granted either.

But this is probably inevitable for my kid, since i need to provide for her by working.
it just came to my mind, that it is the habit that works, emotions work too, but then they fade off slowly slowly. And they do not get wiped off. they do come back, when it is the time too. My daughter would feel the same that I did one day. 

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