Friday, June 7, 2013

Priority and friendship

yes Priorities change. they do.
After u graduate, after u get married, after u get a kid, I still have to go ahead..
there is a lot that takes space in your life. it takes away a lot of time.

then suddenly your friends who were ur priority are sidelined. Then you ought to do what you need to do. You need to keep things away. at bay, could b friendships, emotions, whatever. I know now - a days it is easy to friends be so, since there is facebook.

Can you imagine a friend who is just on your phone contacts and no where else? like not on Fb, linked in, wherever. yes there can be one. But  the physical meetings with friends are becoming a long lost thing in world. You meet your office friends everyday, and yeah there too. even you are a friend in case you are busy you hardly move out to go ahead to meet your who is probably in say 2 bay's away.

And then I wonder how it goes. when you really meet one physically, the talking becomes so less. so very less. All you do is talk about or in fact not talk about a lot of things. like you did earlier.

It just came to my mind, today we are at least in the lucky lot of people who are able to find the long lost ones, and not like those in the old movies wherein we met our long last friends by chance.. the serendipity value has reduced so very much now - a days. 

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