Saturday, June 15, 2013


How does one fall in love? is a billion dollar question with no specific answer.
I just felt even more important is how does become friends with someone. How can the friendship then be irreplaceable? what is it that makes us so open in friendship in front of the other person, that we almost are vulnerable? And then do we really care if someone really takes advantage of that vulnerability?
I was travelling back with a relatively newly made friend the other day, and she was actually saying a few lines which were so similar to what I thought. I almost felt like she was reading my mind. We generally travel across, and she is asked to talk, since I am driving and hence cannot talk/ talking is futile, since she cannot hear me due to the speed.
She was speaking out my mind. And I was simply nodding. I suddenly found out, that all the philosophy that I have was we have.
It just felt wonderful, that without much effort my thoughts were being expressed. the best part was I did not have to speak. And even better was I was sharing with a person who was a reflection, (one of my teachers does say, that we tend to friends with our reflections in attitude/ someone we can identify or be easy with) But here things were different. We became friends gradually. I remember she hardly spoke in the early days of us travelling together.
It just came to my mind, that are we friends because we share the same thoughts, or do start sharing the same thought because we are friends?
No, I don't want to answer it. I simply love the serendipity around..

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