Saturday, June 8, 2013

Taking for granted

this is another emotion that flows in emotions to friendships, relationships.
This is a hard fact that we truly take up everyone around us for granted, whether we decide or not. I m not sure if we do it on purpose. I think it just happens.
I have a friend of mine, who was shifted to my town a few years back. in these years we hardly met. could be a ratio of 1 meeting per 2 years or something similar. Which is a super scarce ratio. We hardly spoke to each other on the phone.
Each of us was so busy, In work, home, little ones.. whatever.. the reasons are not important.
It was a couple of months back when we even knew that the friend is getting transferred. I know not to some France or Portugal but here within the state. we again took this for granted. Our meeting plans which were being planned from around a year and half ago just kept getting postponed. We simply took time for granted. We felt we are just here in the same city. we can meet anytime around.
and funnily enough we met just a day before the friend left. for around 20 min. And then there
was this mixed feeling of yearning for some time together..With a heart full of sadness and anxiety whether we will be able to meet again.
Just an incident that went along with this was another friend of mine who came to my city to only meet me on the day, I was simply sad about the earlier friend leaving. All i could give her was some time of mine and my lil one along with.
I think this a stark reality that we can b with a person for some time, and then the person kinda disappears from our lives physically. Not to forget the fact that all memories are intact in the mind always. but the yearning to that specific person in life remains.
This is similar to taking our relations for granted too. Little do we know about the time when time takes your near and dear one away. And you suddenly only remember the last time you have seen her alive. In my case, its my mom.

I think there could be one suggestive solution to this. Being 100 percent with the person we are with at the moment. We cannot really control time, the other person's wishes, (what if its just u who has a stronger feeling to meet up and have fun, and the other person is busy, or vice versa for that matter). And being optimistic of sometime when you can be with long lost friends. (I know this concept does'nt really hold true since there are so many platform one can be in touch on)

It just comes to my mind, that maybe more than people we take time for granted, their time.. is there a solution to this.. i think all this will just flow on and on.. and u keep meeting people for the stipulated amount if time they ought be in :) 

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