Wednesday, June 26, 2013

understanding and getting understood.

I tried this out the other day on a friend. I said, when are you..
And I expected her to complete it. I wanted to find out, if she really could understand, what was going on in my mind, and what was it that I was wanting to say. given the fact that we are wonderful friends and share a lot of things to each other.
She tried to guess, everything.. that she could. And this very basic truth is what i thought about at that time.
NO-ONE can understand what is happening in the other person's mind, all that a person can read is through study, or guess work or intuition.
So this very thinking that someone should understand me irrerspective is so wrong. It is such a mad expectation.
This is a very basic thought but its application is definitely difficult. I think it is just human to expect, give and TRY to understand while knowing the fact that understanding completely or getting understood is not possible ever.

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