Thursday, October 10, 2013

the new car. and so many things'

Yes I got a new car!!!
And it is so good to be in it everyday. Its just 2 days that i got it to office. I feel fresh when i am in office and not dead tired. I can be more fresher, more receptive at work.
I am still fresh when I reach home. It is much better than the 2 wheeler 37 km drive one way.
Yay!! that should be my reaction, isnt it?

But then look at it properly, it is a new loan, what is the need for you to get a car?.
I met People saying, 'You got a car for yourself?' reinstating', for you to drive in to office? your husband got it for you? where did u find all the cash from?
Why can't a woman get a car for herself, so that she is comfortable to come to office, especially if the office is a 70 km to and fro on the 2 wheeler? Why cant she take a loan on her own? why cant she simply think of taking care of herself now so that she can be for the family for more hours more fresh hence more qualitative hours? Why cant she think of making her car as the family car.
I wonder if the same questions are asked to a guy if he buys a car.. Did u buy a car to come to office on your own, or is it a family car? Did your wife fund it? Did your dad get it for you? DO you know how to drive. Will you be able to ?
I wonder if people really felt the same when i got the 2 wheeler a couple of years back. Why this fuss? It is just another vehicle, used for transportation.
I found it so difficult to find a female colleague who drove a 2 wheeler to that distance once when i had lost my activa keys. Because in fact there was none. Same is the case of me trying to find someone who comes in her car from that far.
It just comes to my mind, that this is the thinking which has been around for years and will take years to change. Maybe I am going to be one of the pioneers to the change. I am sure there are many with me, but the number is still lesser than the aam janta who still thinks otherwise.

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