Sunday, November 24, 2013

my little one's little pair of wings..

Yes, she is three now. my little one. I wonder who is more attached, me or she?
We had been to this naming ceremony yesterday. She was around with me, when she saw the baby's cradle, who was to be named, she went up the stairs on her own and went and sang for the little baby. there were other women singing in too, but they were all above their sixties. And here she stood as tiny as little and sang to the baby.
Today she was all set to go a birthday party on her own. I dropped her to the door. Post that she went in, sat comfortably. Being the kind of mother I am, I just peeped to find out if she was ok. And she was..

It kinda gives me a mixed feeling, that she is getting more and more independant, but would that mean she will get detached.
I dont want to think so at this moment. I want her to be with me, from wherever she is since now she will start growing. Flying with her own wings, enjoying. But somewhere I want to see her doing that. It is simply wonderful :)

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