Monday, November 25, 2013

adaptation / copying / learning - Art

One of my friends is a wonderful illustrator. She illustrates these little wedding cards for friends. She has this implicit style which is very simple, but a very perfectly illustrated with a burlap textured background. She shares this across on the social platforms.
It just happened that another friend of mine is getting married and she just published a very similar wedding card on her profile. On the preview of it it might seem like it has been done by the first friend, while looking in details I found out that it was more like a copy.
Looking at the fact that the second wedding invitation was done by a person who did not have a fomal design education, it is a good effort. But looking at it from the perspective of the expert, it was a copy.
Here's the dilemma, there is no such thing that is copy. everything is an inspiration, and there is nothing original for that matter and everything is adapted from somewhere. what was strikingly similar here was the the background which was so similarly packaged.
Infact my college principal had also taught us, that we learn by copying the masters. In fact we learn to walk through copying other people walking around.. then develop our own distinctive style to walk. same with the case of talking and various things around.
And then there is this dearth for awareness of design since everyone feels he or she can draw. Yes they can but there is some reason why a person who has studied design for 6 whole years has a finese that the other person won't.
I wonder at such point there should be appreciation to the person who is an expert - has now become a master, that people have started imitating her or the otehr one who has tried to get there and make absolutely similar effort?
It just came to my mind that both are equally good at the efforts and there should mutual respect where the person who copied should acknowldge her as 'got inspiration from'. that's my view though. absolutely personal. 


  1. Such inspirations are only making your Illustrator friend more famous ;)

    1. Off course, I agree Ami. It just that all this came to my mind with it :)