Thursday, December 26, 2013

I finally have recognised my dream job - of being a Santa :)

We had this 'Secret Santa' program going on in the office for a week. It was wonderful - No- not because i got gifts, but because I could give a lot. And every time I imagined what would my 'kid' like - everyone picked a chit  to get a kid and a santa as well.
I went to extent of researching what were her likes - dislikes. What could be the things that she would never get for herself and things similar. At times I even made handmade stuff for her. it felt great. The very fact that i am able to make some happy felt great ..
It felt wonderful to pamper.. Yes I know somewhere I love this concept. that is also the reason why, may be I want to be pampered and happy hence I want to see everyone around me to be pampered and happy ..
And what if I can do that to everyone..
What if I can be the Santa, what If I had all the resources to do the same?
I think I will the happiest person on earth.. I am so sure of it..

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