Friday, February 26, 2016

is the world ending for me.

this is a lot of things together.
first and foremost. i m missing my daughter too much!.
i cry everyday!

but then,
I m feeling free. the atmosphere here is free. i could walk all alone on the seashore - i walked the cliff on my own - all through . got a bronzy look. i am living on my own.
i am out of the mundane things.
I have liberated all the people whom i have bound with my love and expectations.
everything's answered.
I have got everything - there is no new wish in the horizon - except my care for my little one.

I have become free.

do i think that my soul is ready to set free now?
am i approaching death naturally. ?

written in Ireland when i missed her so much!
i do not know if every mom has a similar feeling as I do! of so much of a linkage to our own kids ? 

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