Sunday, March 6, 2016

Can we just be and let be ? accepting things as is ?

I dont remember if I read this somewhere or wrote it myself in my notebook.

Sometimes the basic need  for happiness is overwhelming. Life will be easier if we understand that we dont need to be happy and fulfilled all the time. 
Being inert to various things will help to be peaceful. 

Maybe being peaceful is more important than being happy. 

I was working on something in the morning, completed a movie, not a very happy ending. It just got me thinking.

We tend to associate happiness with fulfillment. We want our wishes to be true. Even if they are associated with someone else in life. We, in a way through expectations are asking people to behave like we want them to.

When those expectation are not fulfilled, we become unhappy. 

We want to be in control, of everything. we dont want that pimple that comes up in teenage to wanting our kids/ Grand-kids to listen to what we say when we are old. From the political scenarios to Cricket to art. From birth to someone's death. We want to give birth as well as not want someone to die! I wish my mom was around even today! 

Gosh! Everything. 

But the truth is, can we really be in a position that we can control everything around us. 
Can we not having control be just natural ? Can we be in the position of uncomfort naturally ? a baby comes to birth through pain not happiness. although there is happiness post birth. 

Dont we have to go through similar pain when in other situations too ? 
Its just came to my mind. Why is this Big Ado about 'happiness' ? I think it should simply be ok to be unhappy. To make a gloomy face through the day when in pain. Why does one has to carry that smile on face ? I think this gloomy face/ gloomy mood could probably bring in a bodily reaction which will make us happy. Which will keep us from getting depressed to the level of hurting our internal systems (say endocrine) and remain healthy. (not sure if to live more gloomy enough). I trust human body will find a way to get ok. 

Sometimes it just comes to my mind, that maybe this 'happiness' thing should be beyond just presenting yourself. One should be able to have a hanging face and not smile if he/ she does not want to. In the quest of spreading happiness are we hurting our own selves to the level of chronic depression or some chronic disease with no cure ? 

Can we just be and let be ? 

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